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If you move portable buildings for a living, what’s a better web address than

CyberComm Marketing, LLC  has been helping businesses online since ’99. Moreover, we’ve been involved in the portable building industry for about the last 10 years, creating and managing websites for dealers. That’s when we started getting calls from people needing buildings moved. As a result, we decided to see what we could do to become a contact between the public and someone that could help them move their building. We found that John Q Public was having a hard time finding someone to help.  We also found that moving professionals needed information about the building that was sometimes hard to acquire because the customer didn’t readily know. So we developed a form that asked all the important questions needed. For instance, was it manufactured or built onsite? If manufactured, then by who? It asks about anchors, roof type, and if it’s “Finished Out”. In addition, it asks about the # of skids. Furthermore, is it on blocks, and if so, are they to be moved with the building. In addition, we ask them to take a picture of the front and side of the building, and the form has the capability to have those pics downloaded, and all that information goes straight to you via e-mail!

Our service is efficient, effective, and economical. Just using the form we have developed is will assist you in giving your customer a quote that’s more timely and educated. Above all, it will save you the headache and frustration of securing the information from the customer that doesn’t know the information you need right off hand. How many times have you asked someone about their building, & they have to hang up to go measure something, see if it’s on blocks, or even figure out if it has skids, how many, ect., and then have to call you back? We’ve tried to develop a seamless process that makes life easier for both you and the client. Below are answers to some questions you may have.

How does someone find my info?
What’s with the QR Code?
How do I send my information to someone?
What info do you need from me?

What’s it cost?
How can I pay?

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Features of Our Program

How does someone find my info.

 Our website,, easily tells people EXACTLY who’s listed on this site.

  1. First, when someone is searching on Google or another search engine for portable building movers it gets found. As a result, when someone gets to the website, there’s a search box where they can enter your city, or the 1st 3 digits of the zip code where the building is located, & a link to your contact info comes up.   
  2. We build you a short link that’s easy to remember you can send to someone in order to reach your site.
  3. Last, but not least, we also build you a QR Code that has all your contact info, including your website, a link to your form, and even links to your social media accounts like Facebook. This QR Code can be sent to anybody; BY YOU!

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Can I send my card to someone?
Yes! Your information, including the form, can be sent to anyone via Text, E-mail, or even Facebook Messenger. We also provide you with an easy to remember link that you can send them, or tell them where to go to access your information, including your form. At the bottom of your webpage you will see
Send this card by Text (SMS), E-Mail, or FB Messenger,”
(Take a look at the image below)
This feature gives you the capabilty to easily text or email your info to someone.
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How do I save time & money?

A pre-qualifying form that’s filled out by the building owner makes your job easier, and enables you to make a quicker, more intelligent quote, and possibly saving you a trip to the location before you actually make the move.
The owner is also able to send two pictures of the building to be moved via the form. All this information is emailed directly to you so you can respond quickly and efficiently. 

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How Much Is It?

We’ll set up your site for only $50! We want to keep the entry level price point low, because we believe once you try our program, you’ll love it! After that, the monthly fee
is only $39.95. Moreover, you can pay annually, or on a month to month basis, and cancel any time.  That’s right. There’s no big time set up fee or an annual contract. The 1st pmt is $89.95 including the build fee, then only $39.95 a month, and you can cancel anytime.




What’s with the QR Code?

CyberComm Marketing, LLC has been in business for over 25 years, and have developed a digital business card called My Zebra Card, which can be found at We’ve just incorporated it into service. In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a traditional paper business card might not be enough to make a lasting impression. By opting for a digital business card with a QR code, you can:

  • Stand out from the competition: A digital business card with a QR code adds a touch of modernity and tech-savviness to your professional image, setting you apart from others in your industry.
  • Track engagement: Unlike paper business cards, digital business cards with QR codes allow you to track how many times the code has been scanned, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Update information easily: With a digital business card, you can easily update your contact details or add new promotional offers without having to reprint your entire stack of cards.
  • Save the environment: By going digital, you reduce the need for paper production and contribute to a greener planet.
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What info do you need from me? 

 To get listed on, send us your info using the form below. After we set it up, we will contact you to answer any questions.

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Here’s the information you receive from a building owner that needs a building moved.

For more information, questions, etc.
Give Us a Call @
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